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Need floor sanding, polishing or restoration services? Call the experts!

Want to protect your hardwood floors? Varnishing is a great way to do so. We start off with applying a primer Bona Prime. After that, we continue with two layers of finish product Bona. Our specialists will advise when the floor will dry and when you can walk on it once the product is applied.

What products do we use?

  • expert floor varnishingBona Prime will prepare the floor for the finishing products.
  • Bona Mega Matt will protect your floor 4 to 7 years depending on usage and maintenance. The Bona Mega matt leaves the wood in its natural color. The only downfall is that if the floor has direct sunlight on it some parts will become yellowish with time. The varnish is harmless and water-based and you can sleep in the room even on the same day if the varnish has dried enough for you to walk on it.
  • Bona Mega Gloss will give your floor a shiny finish.
  • Bona Natural will leave your floor in its natural original color.

Bona Traffic HD is recommended for high-traffic areas since the floor would be protected on a commercial level.

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