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Here is why you need it

The staircase is probably the area that sees the most traffic in a building. So it should not be a surprise that it may need more attention than other wooden floor areas in the property. The negative effect that time and the daily wear and tear have on the wooden boards on the staircase is not only unpleasant for the eye but can also put in danger the safety of the people living in the house. A loose board or a damaged one can potentially be harmful to everyone. A lot of people try to renovate the staircase by themselves, however, we strongly suggest you invite a professional to take a look first because an untrained eye can easily miss a damaged board and fail to do a complete job.

Here is how we do it

Just like any other wooden floor, each staircase is different and requires a unique touch, so a complimentary visit before the actual service takes place is highly recommended. Even if you advise us on the exact numbers of stairs a quote over the phone can never be exact for it is missing a lot of important information, such as – how is the wood aging, what kind of sealing did it use to have, are there any stains, splinters, and imperfections. These are all details out specialists are searching for during the visit.

Unlike the sanding of wood floors, almost all the job here is done by hand, due to the limited space. This means the service may take a little longer, but the results are magnificent. Each potentially dangerous board is replaced with a new, fitting one, no matter of the size and shape of the staircase. After that our technicians will fill in the gaps if any and then sand the boards, bringing the smooth, shiny texture back to your stairs.

Application of sealing layer is almost completely mandatory since it will protect the stairs from the high traffic they receive and will make them a lot easier to mop and sweep.

The results should be visible in the next several years, depending on the traffic. Make sure you use cleaning solutions suitable for sealed wooden floors in order to preserve the stairs as long as possible. 

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