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This is probably the most important step for your desirable shiny floor that will give your home a cozy and stylish feel. What staining is is simply changing the color of the wood. Not only does staining bring your floor to your desired color but it also has many more benefits. It protects the wood underneath and it doesn’t allow spills, dust, scratches and foot traffic to the wood.

When it comes to the shades the options are endless.

From lighter colors to darker shades we offer them all. Just tell our team what ideal look you are trying to achieve and we will make it happen. Once the floor is sanded we apply stain samples so you can choose which color you like best.
Something that is unpleasant is that after staining, the floor can’t be walked on for some time until it’s completely dry. Depending on the used product it can dry anywhere from 12h to 48h. Our team will tell you the exact timing you need to wait.

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