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Your Floor Sanding Experts

Need floor sanding, polishing or restoration services? Call the experts!

Here is why you need it

Before proceeding to sanding it is important that any major or minor imperfections are fixed. For that, you need reliable professionals who are willing to examine the floor in the tiniest detail and who have the needed equipment and materials. This is when we step in – Expert Floor Sanding has the best techniques to prepare your floor for further renovations. No matter if you are going to use our sanding service or you are going to try to do it yourself, you need a great foundation first. Don’t spend time and money on staining and sealing before making sure each board is examined by a specialist.

Here is how we do it

We use our famous attention to details to examine each board and fix any imperfections if possible. We will nail any loose boards, so they don’t squeak anymore. We take any old nails out and flatten the ones that are misplaced, determine whether the wood is aging well or is too damaged and needs to be replaced. We also fill in any gaps to provide a smooth surface, which is a lot easier to handle after. Any boards that can not be fixed, are replaced by the same type of wood and fitted perfectly, so it is impossible to spot the difference. If our customers can provide the floorboards- great, if not we will find the best most suitable ones and we will place them. The newly replaced floorboards will be stained so they can match the color of the old ones.

Each job is important for us and teaches us something new so do not hesitate to call us even if the job looks insignificant. Our friendly representatives are eager to hear from you and discuss the options before you. Every day is a good day to contact us – no matter if it is the weekend or even an official holiday.

Worrying that a professional service means an expensive service? Don’t! We are aware that you have a budget and we would love to show you that we can fit in that budget so you are left with great floors and no great debts.

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