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Need floor sanding, polishing or restoration services? Call the experts!

When it comes to low affordable pricing people assume the quality will be terrible and the job will be done poorly. We are here to break these beliefs you have and show you that we can fit every budget.

Our prices are guidelines. The cost of our prices depend on a lot of different factors and we individually price each job based on time, materials, size of the property and how complex the job is.

We can offer discounts for bigger properties. 

Prices do not vary in regards to the day the service is booked for. We work on weekends and bank holidays for no extra charge.

Contact us and receive your FREE quote. We are able to give you a price based on pictures and description of your property only if it’s up to 30 sq.m (quote after 1 day). To be able to determine the actual price of bigger properties we need to do an on-site visit and inspect the flooring (quote within 2-3 days). We can give you an exact price after we start the project.

For any questions in regards to the listed prices, receiving your free quote, scheduling a visit or booking, please call us on 020 8077 9363 or use the form in the Contact us section.


  • £40 per floor board (materials included)
  • Concrete Removal£250
  • Carpet Removal£25 per room (room 15-30 sq.m)
  • Sub-floor Removal£8 per sq.m
  • Repair of a STEP£50 per STEP (all materials included)
  • Carpet and other materials disposal – from £180 PER LOAD

Floor Sanding:

  • from £12 per sq.m (for parquet and engineered flooring)
  • from £16 per sq.m. (for floorboards)
  • £22 per sq.m. (Sanding, prime + 2 coats of Varnish)
  • from £28 per sq.m. (Sanding, prime + 2 coats of High Traffic Varnish)
  • from £24 per sq.m. (Sanding, Oiling + A coat) (Extra Coat £8 per sq.m.)

Gap Filling

  • (w/t Sawdust & Wood Resin Mix) – per sq.m (all materials included)
  • (w/t Wooden Slivers) – from 12£ per sq.m (all materials included)


  • from £6 per sq.m per COAT (no materials included)
  • from £10 per sq.m. per COAT (all materials included)


  • £5 per sqm
  • Buffing + finish £12 per sq.m. + £5 for 2nd coat and + £8 for HD varnish

Installation of Floor

  • LAMINATE FLOOR and underlay£9.5 per sq.m (no material included)
  • ENGINEERED AND PARQUET£21 per sq.m (materials provided except the parquet)
  • HERRINGBONE STYLE£27 (material provided except the parquet)
  • Floor Preparation £7.5 per sq.m. +sanding (no materials included)
  • BIDDINGS OR TRIMS INSTALLATION£4 per meter (no materials included)

Minimum Charge from £350 for up to 10 sq.m.

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