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Parquet flooring is definitely one of the most beautiful wooden floors and it is not a surprise many houses and apartments in London are not ready to let go of it. With its different patterns and colours a parquet floor can be pretty unique and noticeable. So it is a complete waste to hide it under rugs just because it has aged and lost its previous charm. Especially with Expert Floor Sanding just around the corner. We believe a parquet floor is something you should brag about in front of our guests and not cringe every time you see the marks time and moisture have left on it.

Here is how we do it

Moisture is usually the worst that can happen to the beautiful mosaic of a parquet floor. It causes the wooden boards to swallow to an extent in which they just don’t fit in the pattern anymore. We will come and diligently check each board and then find a suitable replacement for the one that can not be saved. We will do whatever necessary to preserve the pattern of your floor to ensure it gets its charm back and looks brand new again.

In our more than 10-years experience in parquet sanding, we have seen it all – from living rooms to showrooms and school gyms! We proud ourselves on being one of the most innovative companies on the market. We noticed a lot of people postpone the sanding of their wooden floor because of the amount of dust it leaves behind and all the inconvenience connected to that. So we changed the way things are getting done – we trusted the leading brand of BONA and their innovative methods. Thanks to that, we are now one of the few companies which guarantee a lot less amount of dust used during sanding.

Sanding of the parquet floor will not only level it up and make it impeccable again but also gives you the chance to completely change the atmosphere at home. We give you a rich variety of staining colors which can give the room a brand new look.

Last but not least, we will apply a sealing layer of oil or wax on top. This gives you the assurance your parquet floor is good to go for at least a few more years, without any special care required. 

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