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Here is why you need it

When sanded, the floor is left in its natural look, which is pretty but also unpractical. A naked wood is very hard to maintain because of its abrasive structure and its tendency to collect moist, dirt and dust. Therefore, it is essential to finish the sanding with the appropriate sealing. No matter if it is varnishing, oiling or waxing, we have the skills and equipment to apply it perfectly. It is up to you to decide which sealing suits you better and we will be happy to do it.

Here is how we do it

Oiling has proven to be a very effective method of sealing, which not only enhances the appeal of your floor but also protects it from water spillages and prolong its life while letting it breathe at the same time. The oil is completely natural and as such has no harmful effect and guarantees for a healthy indoor environment. The oil layer takes several hours to dry completely, especially if placed in more humid conditions. A couple of coats of oil sealing serve a better protective function, so it is highly recommended.

When choosing a sealant our technicians will show you a wide range of options and will guide you through the decision making process with ideas, recommendations based on their experience. If you are looking for the most natural finish for your wooden floor, oil is the best option for you.

Don’t make any compromises with the quality when it comes to wooden floors. If maintained correctly they can easily turn into a timeless investment. Unlike carpets, wooden flooring has the potential to be around for decades and it is up to you to make sure that happens. The good news is that you don’t have to do it by yourself, you can always count on Expert Floor Sanding to tell you what is best for your flooring.

What do we actually do?

Our team spreads the oil thinly twice in order to achieve the desired look. They do buffering in between the coats. With the help of lint-free cloths, they remove the excess oil from the surface. You shouldn’t walk on it before it’s fully dry which usually takes about 24 hours. After that, the floor can take light traffic. To return your furniture you need to wait around 48 hours and for all the carpets and rugs – about a week. There may be distinctive smell from the oil for a few days until the drying is complete. Our team will advise you how long you should wait precisely after they’re done.


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