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Here is why you need it

Do you crave brand new looking wooden floor? Do you miss its original look? We know you do, you just don’t know how to achieve it. It is completely normal not to be certain how to provide the best care for your floors. Gladly, we can help!

Sometimes, when the wooden floor is not as damaged it can be easily brought back to life in a few simple steps. In such cases, sanding and coloring might not be necessary and this is why we included Floor Polishing in our services. When wooden floors are just a bit worn we have just the cure.

Here is how we do it

Restoring a slightly damaged carpet is a lot easier than providing a full sanding, staining and sealing, especially if you have done it a hundred times like us. In such cases, wooden floors are in need of a good buffing and polishing. It is important to polish it with the same sealant that has been originally sealed with. Even if you are not familiar with the exact polish that has been used the last time, our technicians will be glad to inspect the floor and find out. Floor polishing will protect the wood from spillages and damage for at least a few years.

You can always trust us to advise you on the correct service and to tailor it around your needs. So if it just polishing your floor needs, this is what we will do. More than 10 years we are working hard on establishing a relationship of loyalty and trust with our customers.

To give your floors a five-star service, you need to call the best. Expert Floor Sanding has the right service for everyone and for every floor. To have us come on site and give you a free estimation use our Contact Us section. 

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