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Here is why you need it

Wooden floors have been around for centuries and they never seem to be getting out of style. And there are dozens of reasons for that. Nothing measures to the classic, timeless look of the natural wooden floor. It has passed the test of time and has proven to be one of the better choices for flooring. A wooden floor is often connected to comfort, great taste, and well-being. It is also easy to maintain if done correctly. Not to mention it is common knowledge that houses and apartments with original wood flooring are always sold easier and at higher prices. We can keep going on and on explaining why you should get a wooden floor if you don’t already.

Here is how we do it

The best thing about getting a professional floor fitting and installation is that we are here to put your ideas into action. It is your chance to have everything done just the way you want it – starting with choosing the materials, picking up a pattern for the wooden floor, deciding on the color of the staining and the material of the sealing. This way your floor will carry your unique mark.

Expert Floor Sanding is your one-stop shop when it comes to installing a new wooden floor. We have the skills, the training, the equipment and the motivation to do it all from scratch and we have our hundreds of satisfied customers to prove it. We specialize in domestic and commercial floor fitting and have installed dozens of floors. Our technicians have experience working with different types of wood and boards.

The service includes a free visit to examine the layout of the property, making of a design, exact estimation of the job, buying the required materials, fitting and installing of the boards, staining and sealing.

To get things started, simply give us a call or fill in our short contact form and help us arrange a complimentary visit. Give your property the flooring it deserves.

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