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Below you can find the most common questions our customers ask us. Feel free to ask us if you can’t find an answer to your question.

How do I know if my floor can even be sanded?

  • Laminate flooring can not be sanded.
  • Engineering wooden flooring can be sanded 3 or 4 times until the top wooden layer is completely sanded off.
  • Wooden floor boards can be sanded up to 1.6 cm thickness (this may vary depending on the weight they need to take).

I have new flooring. Does it need sanding?

  • Engineered wooden flooring usually has prefabricated finish layer. When installed properly it would not need sanding and finishing.
  • New floor boards, tongue-and-groove wooden flooring is recommended to be sanded and properly sealed after installation. This is to assure a smooth and seamless finish without any splinters or unevenness on the floor.
  • Rotten floorboards or after wood worm infestation – a replacement is a must. In the case that the wood worms are not active some of the floorboards can be saved.


Will your company provide all the equipment?

Yes, Expert Floor Sanding brings all the needed equipment, tools and materials for the job. Pallman, Logler sanding and edging machines.

  • Do I have to move my furniture before you come?

All of our services require an empty room. We offer to move your furniture instead of you so you don’t waste your time and energy.

  • Is it necessary to have an on-site visit?

If your property is under 30 sq.m we will give you an exact price based on your description and photos of your floors. For bigger properties we will send one of our representative to come and inspect your property. We will then give you the exact price.

  • Do I need to provide parking for your team?

Yes, this is very important for us.


I live on the third floor but I don’t have elevators. Would you be able to take the job?

The jobs we take that don’t provide an elevator are up to the third floor, so yes. For higher floors an elevator is an important feature for our teams since the machines they carry are very heavy.


Does the sanding process take long?

The duration of the job depends on:

  • Floor condition
  • Are we able to follow the order of our processes through the whole property or do we need to do each room separately.

Up to 20 sq.m minor repairs – sanding and varnishing, takes one day for a team of two people.

When can I use my floor?

This varies based on room temperature, ventilation and type of product used on your floor. Our experience shows that for

  • Water-based lacquers and stain products you can walk on your floor after 4 – 6 hours without shoes.
  • For oil-based products time is between 12 – 36 hours.
  • Moving furniture back into the room after 24 – 48 hours.


Should I consider wooden floor?

Yes. Apart from the fact it looks stylish, they are very easy to clean and maintain and they don’t hold any bad odors and stains like carpets do. Wood is known for good termo-insulation qualities. Additionally, it is recommended to have sub-floor insulation between the joists. If your room height compared to adjoining areas allows it a new flooring fitted on top of the old one will provide best results.


What color would my floor be after the restoration?

  • Water based varnish – matt/satin keeps the natural look of the wood. With time and if there is exposure to sun light unfortunately some spots will turn yellowish.
  • Oil based products – the clear oil accentuates on grain of the wood and makes it more vivid. The color oil makes this even stronger and provides many possibilities for color finishes. We are always staining with up to date products providing white, grey, dark or any color that the customer wants.

Matching existing color to adjoining rooms or furniture is when the art comes in. It is not exact science but we are quite good at it.


My floor needs repairs. Would the new floor boards look like the old ones?

We have taken this process to a very high level of implementation. We stain individual floorboards to match the color of your old ones. Staining the whole floor prior to sealing provides even better results.

How long will my floor last?

It’s hard to determine an exact period of time but without proper cleaning, maintenance and an entrance mat (if you walk around your home with shoes on) it will last around 4-5 years. With proper care a lot longer.

How to assure that my flooring will last long?

With regular cleaning, maintenance, an entrance mat and cloth pads for furniture it will last around 4-7 years for water-based finishes, depending on the traffic.

For oil based products it is recommended to be reapplied every 6 – 12 months depending on the traffic, usage and the maintenance.

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