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Here is why you need it

The way you treat the premises of your restaurant, café, office or other business, speaks a lot about the business itself. This goes for the way you take care of your wooden floor as well. A well-maintained floor corresponds to prosperity, attention to the detail and care. Make your wooden floor look brand new again and everyone will notice the difference. A beautiful wooden floor brings a timeless and classic look to the room and easily becomes another asset to your business, which you might be missing out to use.

Here is how we do it

Most of the wooden floors in restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, offices, showrooms, libraries, and other commercial buildings are considered high traffic areas and need special care in order to live longer and look impeccable. There is nothing more important than a great first impression and you will be surprised how much a sparkly wooden floor can benefit from that.

At Expert Floor Sanding, we believe that an exact estimation requires a visit on site. Such a visit allows us to examine the condition of the floor, check for any cracks, gaps, creaky boards, stains, and other damages.

After giving you a quotation, our team of technicians will be ready to start the service on a convenient day and time. To guarantee a great experience we offer:

  • Flexible schedule and services seven days a week.

  • A team of technicians to guarantee the work will be done in a short time and your business will not suffer from any delays.

  • A thorough service. The term floor sanding contains a big number of procedures which combine perfectly and bring great results. As a part of the service, we will examine each board and take the necessary actions to fix any imperfections. Only after that, we will continue with the actual sanding, leveling, staining and sealing.

  • A different approach in regards to the material of the floor. We have rich experience in working with different kinds of wood, parquet and even cork floors.

  • Taking your ideas into an account and following them in combination with our experience.

  • A vast variety of staining colors and different options for sealing (oil, wax etc).

  • Competitive rates and a quality that highly exceeds the expectations.

  • A friendly and highly efficient customer care representatives, ready to be reached 24/7.

  • A professionally conducted service which will prolong the life of the wooden floor and make it a lot easier to maintain in the future.

So far we haven’t seen a wooden floor we can’t fix and we love taking challenges. If you are not sure whether we can help your floor shine again, simply use the Contact Us section and you will soon find out.

For any questions in regards to commercial floor sanding, availability, coverage, and bookings call us on 020 8077 9363 and take your business to the next level. 

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