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Need floor sanding, polishing or restoration services? Call the experts!

Expert Floor SandingExpert Floor Sanding is a London based company that specializes in wooden floor restoration, renovation, and installation. Our main goal is to bring wooden floors back to life since we believe this is the most beautiful flooring of all. Wooden floors are a symbol of comfort, coziness, warmth and bring life to every room with its natural look. We are very passionate about what we do and believe that we get better and better after each performed service.

The biggest prize for us is a 100% success rate and we are ready to go out of our way to keep the rate as high in the future. A returning customer is considered a family, every new job is considered a way to do better than the last time. Our huge motivation is what differs us from the other companies.

If your property is smaller, up to 30m2, reach out to us and receive your FREE quote in just 1 day. Keep in mind that in order to determine the price of bigger projects we need to do a visit on-site and inspect your floor and the condition it is in. You will receive the quote within 2-3 days. 

No project is too big for us!

We will be glad to renovate and restore any wooden floor – no matter if it is as tiny as a hallway or as big as a gym. During the years we have witnessed the great effect a well maintained wooden floor has on the business of restaurants, cafes, and offices. So if you are an owner of such, do not hesitate to try it out!

We will be glad to advise you, using our experience in the field, but your ideas will always be taken into consideration. We want you to truly enjoy your property and we are ready to put our training into use and turn your dreams into reality. Our technicians are professionally trained and will diligently take care of the job. We also fully insure and vet our workers to create a safe work environment.

We work seven days a week

We also try to be as available as possible. We are happy to perform a service on weekends and on official holidays just to be able to work around your busy schedule. We make sure we use machines that are dust-free, to make sure we cause no inconvenience for our customers.

The products we use are industry approved, which not only guarantee a more natural look of your wooden floors but also provide a completely safe environment for pets, children, and people with asthma. The oils and wax we use is proven to prolong the life of the floor, create a protective layer that avoids staining and damaging of any sort, but allows the wood to breathe at the same time.  

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