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Need floor sanding, polishing or restoration services? Call the experts!

When you think about it, our floors play a huge role in the way our house feels and looks.

A well-maintained wood floor is something that can change your interior completely. Who doesn’t want a stylish, well–taken care of home, that gives warm and cozy vibes, right?
Not only does a wooden floor look good, but it is easy to maintain. Unlike carpets, which are pretty hard to be cleaned, especially when they are such a stain, dust and bacteria magnets. Hardwood flooring wouldn’t give you so many headaches and you will be able to easily clean it. Hard floors are classic that has a timeless appeal, they became more famous around the Baroque era and ever since then people all over the world have them in their homes.

So, you need your floor sanded, stained, oiled or repaired? Not a problem, we can do it all!

Floor Sanding

So that your floor can be smooth and we can level all the bumps and uneven parts.

Floor Repair

So that damaged boards can be changed and all the imperfections can be fixed.

Gap Filling

So that all the creaks and gaps can be filled and the aesthetic of the floors can be returned.

Floor Staining

So that we can change the coloring to your desired one or bring back the natural color of your wooden floor.

Floor Oiling

So that we can restore the beauty of your hardwood floors, enhance their appeal and leave them shiny.

Floor Varnishing

So that not only will your flooring will be shiny, but will be left with the proper protection and colour scheme.

Why choose us

> Are you moving in or out of a house soon?Our services are just for you. We work best when the rooms are furniture free.

> Did you experience water damage or just have old flooring?We know how unpleasant that is. Don’t worry and let us take care of it.

> A business which needs our services in the office?Since we can work out of office hours we are perfect for these jobs.

> A school or other administrative body that needs flooring repair?We can organize a viewing and discuss the details today.

About the process

Do I have to move my furniture before you come?

All of our services require an empty room. We offer to move your furniture instead of you, so you don’t waste your time and energy.

Is it necessary to have an on-site visit?

If your property is under 30 sq.m we will give you an exact price based on your description and photos of your floors. For bigger properties we will arrange to come and inspect on site.

Do I need to provide parking for your team?

Yes, this is very important for us, as we have machines and materials that need to be loaded and unloaded.

I live on the third floor but I don’t have elevators. Would you be able to take the job?

The jobs we take that don’t provide an elevator are up to the third floor, so yes. For higher floors an elevator is an important feature for our teams since the machines are heavy.

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Example price quotes

  • Parquet flooring
  • One or two rooms
  • Up to 30 sq.m. floor
  • One day of work
  • Remove old & fit 5 new boards
  • Providing reclaimed wood
  • Up to 17 cm board width
  • 3-4 hours of work
Floor Installation
  • Preparation of surface
  • Up to 25 sq.m.
  • Only fitting materials incl.
  • One and a half days of work
Priming & Varnishing
  • One coat of prime
  • 2x coats of varnish
  • Up to 35 sq.m
  • High quality products

How is floor sanding really done?

We all want a shiny well-maintained beautiful hardwood floor. It plays a big part in the feel your house has and it’s important for the interior design. Unlike carpets that need to be deep cleaned at least twice a year, contain bacteria, dust, dirt, stains and more, hardwood floors are easily maintained, easily cleaned and don’t need a lot to look good. A wooden floor not only looks great but also brings a special feeling to live – a feeling of coziness, warmth, comfort. A wooden floor can easily create the atmosphere of a home better than any furniture.

What every our customer agrees on is that after the floor restoration performed by our specialists is done it is worth every penny!

Be a step closer to a perfect hardwood floor.

The floor restoration includes several stages. First, we start with estimating the job and agreeing to the job requirements. We examine the floor in details and check for any boards that require replacement since they are damaged to an extent that can’t be fixed by sanding. Whenever replacement is necessary, we use boards that fit perfectly with the rest of the floor and make sure to keep the pattern of the floor as it was originally.

The initial stage on site is to perform any required repairs, secure floorboards and sand the floor with sanders by professional brands – Pallmann or Lager.

The main purpose of the sanding is to take off the upper layer of the wooden floor and reveal a fresh, undamaged layer underneath which is the perfect canvas for our employees so they can turn your hardwood floor into a stylish feature of your home.

If any subfloor repairs are required we do that in a cost-effective and lasting way.

The following stages are optional: gap filling and staining.

  • The gap filling gives the best results for gaps up to 5mm. They are filled with a special mixture from sand dust and resin. For larger uniform gaps we fit cut to size wood strips with new or reclaimed wood.
  • The staining gives additional protection to your floor. We provide you with numerous options for choice of color. We can custom mix variety of color to meet your expectations and your creativity. For the last stage, there are two types of finish products – oil-based and polyurethane water-based. The odorless fumes of the Bona varnish products assure health safety and the possibility to sleep in your home even in the same evening of the sealing. Oil-based products require longer curing time before you can start using the premises where you have had your floor restoration.

Moving furniture back is done after the sealant has cured and not less than 12h to guarantee that the finish is not spoiled.

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